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fila-uomo-autunno-inverno-brand.jpg fila-uomo-autunno-inverno.jpg

       When Fila brothers opened their first workshop at Biella in 1911, they couldn't had imaginated this great success for their business. At first, they were specialized in creation of precious fabrics, combining luxury, beauty and functionality: this is still the vision, after many years and the core business' change. The first corporate transformation was in 1923, when the group starts the high quality knitwear production, increasing the business up to 1968, the same year during which Enrico Frachey became the new CEO. He had the merit of leading the group in the sportswear sector. Thanks to the contribute of Pier Luigi Rolando designer and Alessandro Galliano engineer, Fila presented the first sportswear collection combining functionality and special design in a unique item. Fila very soon become an important brand both for athletes and cosmopolitan men, with many important partnerships with sporty celebrities: Adriano Panatta, Paolo Bertolucci, Bjorn Borg, Ingemar Stenmark, Alberto Tomba, Kim Clijsters and Reinhold Messner. From Everest mountain to Wimbledon, Fila brand is a confirmation of sportswear, quality and performance. 


The original elements, that featured Fila brand since its origins, come back with their original power both for men’s and women’s collections. The SS19 lines present iconic stripes, maxi logo, color block pattern (especially for white, red and pink), over fits combined with skinny items. The sporty style goes out gym and contaminates the daily-wear.

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FILA T-Shirts
FILA T-Shirts €14,00
FILA T-Shirts
FILA T-Shirts €14,00
FILA Polo shirt
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FILA Polo shirt
FILA Polo shirt €22,00
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FILA Leisure €14,00
FILA T-Shirts
FILA T-Shirts €14,00
Sweatshirt Fila Men Miro
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